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What's an option ?

For your customers

Donnez leur du temps pour décider et développez une véritable strategie d'acquisition.

In placing an Option on a product, they buy more time to decide, to check or ask the opinion of their friends and family, all the while ensuring its availability and price.

Once they have decided, they can complete their purchase directly on your website !

A secure, clean and user-friendly platform with well documented APIs.

Voyages SNCF, Octobre 2016

For You

Drastically increase your ROI.
Email and text reminders are included in the service.

Earn extra profits
options prices adds to products prices

Create a detailed customer database
Email and text reminders are included in the service.

Enhance customer loyalty
by offering quality services

Optionizr offers new solutions to increase sales revenues of businesses.

VP - Corporate innovation

Simple and rich in depth

Personalise your reminder emails with more than 10 different features ! Select visual elements that represent your brand the best.

A simple user tool that allows you to test and personalise different modes of integration

A digital experience

Once the Option has been placed, your customers can share it with their friends on social media, combine them with similar options etc.

I’ve just placed an option on the flight Paris-Marseille Aviato Airline, numero 6558. Do the same! Click here

@JackT, Paris

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